Admin Email Creation within CentOS Web Panel

When using CentOS Web Panel, you will need to be able to manage emails when administering the server. This guide will go over admin email creation within CentOS Web Panel and is intended for Ch-center clients with a Dedicated Server or Cloud VPS Server.

Creating an Email

If you are not already logged in, log in to your CWP7 dashboard. By default, this is done by navigating to the IP Address of your server and affixing the port number of “2030” at the end. Looks something like this:


Once logged in, you should see your CWP7 Dashboard.


Click on the  drop down on the left, then click  to be taken to the Add Email Account page.


Enter the email address beginning you wish to create in the Email Address box. Do not put an @ symbol, as you will select that in the next section.


Select the domain you want to create the email account for in the dropdown box


Enter a password for the account that is to be created.


Click Create Mailbox to finish creating the email address.


You have now created an email address using CentOS Web Panel. You should see a message above the create email form stating the success of the mailbox creation. If it is the first email address you’ve setup on this domain, you’ll also see a email domain created message.


An alias is convenient if you want a separate email address that simply goes to an existing inbox. An example of this would be having the alias being delivered to the existing email address. This saves you storage space and still allows you to have multiple emails setup.


You can also use an alias email address to catch all email sent to your server at addresses that do not exist. Simply creating an alias of * and direct it to an existing email address would act as a wildcard catchall.  Setting one up is as simple as creating an email address.

On the same page used to create the email address in the steps above, under the create a new email alias section, enter the first part of the address you want to setup as an alias in the alias address box. As before, do not put an @ sign here.


Enter as many email addresses as you wish in the forward to box. Separate each additional email with a comma.


Click the create alias button.


You have no created an alias address. Similarly to when you created an email address, you should receive a Success message near the top of the forms.

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