How to add a Domain in Centos Web Panel?

Following are the steps to add a Domain in Centos Web Panel.


Dedicated Server

Intel® Core™i5

Cache 6 MB
# of Cores 4
# of Threads 4
Processor Base Frequency 3.1 GHz
HDD:500GB or 120Gb SSD
IPs : 5 (/29 VLAN)
Bandwidth : Unlimited
Internet: 100Mbps

  1. Login to CWP.
  2. Expand Domain from Drop-Down Button.
  3. Add a New Domain from Add Domain Dialog Box.
  1. Enter below Details
  • Add Domain : Enter your Domain name which you want to add
  • to User : Select the required user from drop-down
  • Folder Path : Enter the path where you want to save domain file.

Hit Create Button to add domain.


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