Database Backups using a cron job on cPanel

This guide is about creating a cron job in cPanel to make a backup of your databases. This article is intended for Ch-center clients who use cPanel and have access to create a cron job through the cPanel interface. Ch-center clients are encouraged to keep a working backup before performing any upgrades, site maintenance or before making changes in case the database needs to be restored.

How To Set Up a Cron Job to Backup Your Database

Login into cPanel  Navigate to the Advanced section and click on Cron Jobs


Enter the email address for notifications 

Select a common setting from the drop down menu, such as once per week

Select a non peak hour to run the cron job

Enter in the following into the command area:

Replace the following three items

    <cPanelUserName> with your cPanel username
    <FILE_NAME_HOME_DIRECTORY_> with the name of the backup
    <cPanelPassword> with your cPanel account password

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